Alyssa McDonald is a New England native and photographic artist based in Boston.  She graduated with honors from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.

Her photographs are rooted in a realm that is capable of being both physical and psychological.  It is through her intense observation of landscapes and characters over the course of the seasons and passing of years, that her subject matter is able to parallel the immediate with the infinite.  Each composition is steeped with ancestral history as well as experiences of wonder and discovery in the natural world.  With these symbolic values and narratives in mind, she aims her camera at intertwined histories, origins and fates.


Photography has been there all along; It found me, not the other way around.  It was handed to me at a young age at every mountain top or sunset by the ocean where I took a photograph of my parents. We took these pictures to remember, but only realize that they were taken because our position against nature’s eternal backdrop is endangered.  Twenty years later with family still in front of my lens, I realize my photographic beginnings have foreshadowed the future direction of my images and values in photography. Perhaps I’m so drawn to photography for its ability to capture sliver of time that is able to remain immune to the future.  The land is perpetual; We are the change of scenery.